for mY clients, a lawyer needs to be more than just a lawyer.


I know you want to work with a lawyer who cares and is accessible, regardless of your size, who can get things done, help you make good decisions and who does it for a reasonable cost. 

My client relationships are rarely transactional. I try to get as deeply involved with my clients as I can, to be a part of the team, for the long term.

Who are some
of my clients?


These are the kinds of matters that I handle:


  • Choice of business entity and company formation

  • Investment planning, structuring and terms

  • Capital raising documentation

  • Equity transfers, including owner separations/corporate divorce

  • Employee equity compensation and options/stock plans

  • Employment letters, noncompetition and confidentiality agreements, severance/releases

  • Human resources forms (intake/exit, review, handbook and policies, benefits)


  • Review of existing contract forms and relationships (customers, strategic partners, suppliers/vendors, material agreements, etc.)

  • Creation of new contract documents

  • Contract review and negotiation

  • Contract dispute resolution

  • Knowledge responsibility for contract content

  • Management of contractual infrastructure

  • Insurance (property, E&O, D&O, cyber) procurement and monitoring


  • Strategic partner, joint venture and other business participant relationships

  • Mergers and acquisitions (buying and selling companies, stock, assets, equipment, etc.)

  • Lending and other financing arrangements

  • Leasing (real estate, equipment, staffing)

  • Franchising

  • Letters of intent and due diligence

  • Other business transactions, such as licensing

General Counsel

  • Thought leadership on key decisions/executive sounding board

  • “Go-to” person for advice, answers and information for investors, management, employees and third parties

  • Legal audit and remediation plan development

  • Risk assessment and avoidance strategy (in light of business goals)

  • Outside counsel engagement and management

Project pricing is available in certain circumstances.  Otherwise, I offer competitive hourly fee pricing.  My goal is to deliver law firm quality at lower cost with an in-house, business orientation.