Ready. Here’s the process:

  1. Complete the questionnaire below to give me the information we need to form your LLC

  2. Submit payment through the invoice that we email you. See below for pricing.

  3. Talk with me by phone (only if you want) to discuss your questions.  I will arrange our call and will refund your payment if you're not happy after we talk.

  4. Download your official LLC filing from the state and your final contracts via the link we send you.

Set. Here’s the cost:

  1. Our fee is $249.

  2. Each state charges its own filing fee. These are typically around $100-$200.

  3. Your total price will be our fee plus the state filing fee. You’ll see this amount in your invoice (once we know your state).

So, in PA, for example, the state fee is $125, so your total cost would be $374.

Legal. Here’s what’s included:

  1. LLC Formation. To build your company brand and protect your personal assets from company liabilities.

  2. Operating Agreement. To establish how you will run the company.

  3. Client Services Agreement. To specify your work and pay, protect your IP, and limit your liability.

  4. Contractor Agreement. To engage third parties to help you.

  5. Affiliation Agreement. To partner with third parties to grow the business.

  6. Nondisclosure Agreement. To protect your confidential information.

Here's what’s not included (and why):

  1. EIN Application

  2. Registered Agent

  3. Corporate Items

I don't offer to obtain your EIN because I don't think you should pay for it.  You can apply yourself for free on the IRS website.  Here's the link: apply for EIN.  It takes about 5 minutes, and we'll be here to assist, at no additional charge, if you have questions.

Same deal with the registered agent. Assuming you have an office address in the state of your LLC formation (not a P.O. Box), you can serve, at no cost, as your own registered agent. Which is how we set up your LLC.  

And as an LLC, as opposed to a corporation, you don't need to have a seal, binder, certificates and corporate items available on other sites.

All these are upsells that other sites push at you.  I could as well, but that's not the purpose of my service.


Complete and submit this form to give us the information we need to form your new LLC and complete your contracts.

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